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Personal Injury Treatment

Treatment for Personal Injuries

People get injured when they least expect it. They may trip and fall while performing a routine task at work, or something falls on them while shopping for groceries. Regardless of how it happens, it is good to know that quality care is available.

Our team at Molstad Chiropractic Clinic in Sioux City provides quality care for a variety of personal injuries. If you have been injured recently and are looking for natural pain relief, contact Dr. Molstad today.


Several injuries can result from an accident. While whiplash is commonly associated with auto accidents, it is also often seen in sports injuries. Whiplash is the result of the head jerking in one direction and then another quickly, leading to overextension of the ligaments and tendons. Symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Limb pain or numbness
  • Headaches
  • Pain or inflammation of the back and shoulders
  • Reduced range of motion or flexibility
  • Stiffness

Chiropractors often treat whiplash by manipulating your back and neck into proper alignment. In addition to checking your alignment, we may also help you heal through physiotherapy and corrective exercises.

Back Injuries

Upper and lower back injuries are common with falls and other personal injuries. Your back can be forced out of alignment due to an injury, causing serious muscle weakness and pain.

Back pain can even branch into your extremities. Treatment for back injuries often includes a wide range of chiropractic services. The process begins with looking for the source of the pain, which could be a spinal misalignment or a ruptured disc.

Based on the cause of the injury, we may recommend realignment, corrective exercises, or physiotherapy.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the soft tissues can impact your daily routine, making it more difficult to participate in your favorite activities. If you have experienced a strain, sprain, or muscle tear, our chiropractor can help.

Various treatment modalities are suitable for those living with pain from a soft tissue injury. A combination of cold laser therapy, heat therapy, cold therapy, and safe stretching can be beneficial to the healing process.

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