Pinched Nerves

How to Address Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves can happen when you least expect them. One minute you are fine and the next, you’re screaming out in pain. By visiting Molstad Chiropractic Clinic, it is possible to address the nerve issues once and for all.

Dr. Tom Molstad in Sioux City, IA can talk to you about why it happened and focus on a treatment to relieve you of the pain.

Common Reasons for Pinched Nerves

When you have a pinched nerve, you might notice a sharp aching pain in the area or there may be numbness or tingling. It many instances, it feels as though that part of the body has simply fallen asleep.

If you are noticing that you cannot seem to un-pinch the nerve on your own with a bit of self-care, it’s time to see a chiropractor.

As for how it happened, there are countless reasons. It happens because of too much pressure on a nerve. It can be as a result of an injury, arthritis, sports or hobbies, stress from repetitive tasks, and even obesity.

The goal is to address a pinched nerve quickly to relieve the pressure. It ensures that the nerve functions go back to normal. If you ignore the signs for too long, it can result in permanent nerve damage – and we want to prevent that from happening.

Focus on a Custom Treatment Plan

The reason for a pinched nerve can vary, so it makes sense that the treatment plan will vary, too. Dr. Tom Molstad will talk to you about the pain level and how often it happens. There are various ways to overcome a pinched nerve, including:

  • Adjustments
  • Exercises
  • Physiotherapy

While surgery is also a consideration if a pinched nerve cannot be resolved using chiropractic care, it is considered a last resort. It is why many people choose to visit us at Molstad Chiropractic Clinic, first. We have been able to help many to ensure that they do not have to go under the knife.

We know how a pinched nerve can affect the way that you live your life. Our goal is to get you pain-free as quickly as possible so you can resume all your favorite activities. It all starts by scheduling a consultation with us.

Schedule an Appointment in Our Chiropractic Clinic Today

There is no reason to suffer in silence when you have pinched a nerve. When you are in Sioux City, IA or the surrounding area, you can turn to us at Molstad Chiropractic Clinic. We are able to get you in quickly, conduct an exam, and look at a custom treatment plan.

The moment you realize you have pinched a nerve, call us. We can get an appointment scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.